5 Best Smartphone Photography Apps in 2020

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Smartphone cameras have recently improved tons. Phones lately have gotten more megapixels, lesser aperture, and multiple lenses to handle other tasks. The portrait mode on phones has understood such a lot better. It’s sometimes hard to inform the differences between photos taken from a DSLR and a phone.

But not whenever are we satisfied with the raw images taken straight out of our phones. Some minor editing can create tons of changes and enhancements in photos. And in fact, you’ll use your master editing skills to show everyday shots into unusual ones.

Using Photo Editing Apps on your Smartphone

There are multiple applications available on phones which may assist you in turning your shots into a bit of art. You’ll adjust various attributes like contrast, brightness, exposure, highlights, shadows, etc. This is why photo editing apps are a requirement.

There are thousands of such apps available on the Play Store and App Store. But you don’t need to undergo all of them. Only for you all, we’ve tested many of them. It surely was a troublesome job, but we made sure you get the simplest of the simplest.

This is why we’ve created a list of the simple photo editing apps and tools which can assist you in making the simplest out of your shots. Also, check for the links below each app we’ve mentioned so that you don’t find it challenging to look and download it yourselves. All the apps are thoroughly used and tested by us so that you don’t need to waste your precious time in doing an equivalent. Here are five best apps for Photo Editing on Android!

1. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is another fully loaded photo editing app available for Android. It empowers you to make beautiful photos while even helping you become a far better photographer. There are various features available like presets, profiles, curves, colour mixer and more.

Still, if you’re feeling you are overwhelmed by the amount of features Lightroom has got to offer, don’t worry that possesses an ample amount of tutorials which will assist you throughout the way. Lightroom Premium ($9.99 a month) adds up more features like healing brush, selective adjustments, raw editing and even Adobe Sensei which uses AI to acknowledge your photos.


VSCO is an app that we use for editing many images. The app is legendary for its filmy style filters. There are various presets available and depending upon your photos, VSCO even suggests you some. Aside from screens, the app also offers adjustments for exposure, contrast, cropping, sharpening, saturation, highlights, shadows, skin tone, grain, and fade. The paid version ($19.99 a year) gives you access to Borders and HSL adjustment, along with side exclusive perks like presets and filters, early access to new features, photo contest challenges, and even video editing.

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3. PicsArt Photo Studio

PicsArt may be a viral photo editing app. it’s perfect and straightforward to use interface, but it also packs during a lot of powerful tools. This makes it an entire package for casual photo editing.

It is a versatile tool that gives creative control over photo editing, also as a bunch of cool filters you’ll choose between. You’ll also edit or “remix” the pictures posted on the PicsArt community which are liberal to edit. And you’ll post your pictures over there too.

4. Snapseed

Google forms this one, so you recognize it’s an enormous deal. It’s got filters and presets a bit like others on this list, but Snapseed isn’t restricted to it. It contains more powerful features like curve shifts, white balance, perspective change, healing, HDS Scape, glamour glow, tonal contrast and more. There are options to import RAW images from your cameras so that you’ll apply all of those effects on other high-quality photos also.

5. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe possesses another app that’s created for mobile photo editing and likelihood is that you have already got heard it. Adobe Photoshop Express is probably lighter than Adobe Lightroom but still includes many things for you to explore. You’ll correct perspective in images, apply blur, remove noise, add borders, filters and more.

Photoshop Express also supports the importing of photos in raw and TIFF photo formats. This makes it possible for you to edit pictures taken on DSLRs and Mirrorless cameras and edit them on the go.

Final Thought!

Photo editing tools and applications on mobile have come quite far due to the higher performance and reliability of the processors. Mobile phones became quite powerful lately, which are encouraging developers to place more features and tools in their apps.

As a result, we see some awesome apps which allow you to take your pictures and even videos to the subsequent level. Inspect these ten best photo editing apps for Android. Let us know your user experience within the comments below. Also, allow us to know if your favourite editor is missing on your list, and we’ll surely check it out too.

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